About Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing is a branch of the Shaolin school which aims to teach students how to transform (Yi) the meridians (Jin). Yi Jin Jing RO is a European student group of this Chinese school.

In its relationship with the world, the Yi Jin Jing school specializes in treating various illnesses by using traditional Chinese medicine . In traditional Chinese medicine, as in the entire Chinese society, clan traditions have drawn barriers of knowledge, and each school has a range of both secret and medical practices. The Yi Jin Jing school uses both medical treatments and secret techniques to cure various diseases but also to practice internal cultivation.

Shaolin Temple / use image according Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license

Concerning my personal experience, I have seen, several times, seemingly miraculous healings that Western medicine cannot accomplish. But we want to make it clear that not everything can be treated, and definitely not at every stage of the disease. Advanced cases of cancer, for example, have chances of remission, but the success of the treatment is not at all guaranteed. It should be understood that traditional Chinese medicine aims more at preventing disease rather than recovering from its effects. An important part of the treatment is that the patient should assume responsibility for his condition, understand where and why his health deteriorated and take steps to correct bad habits in his life. In most cases it is due to lack of exercise, for which I wrote a series of articles in the category Exercise for health .

In regards to the training , the school encourages the students to correct their physical body, mental health and to develop internal energy. Currently in Romania there are only novice practitioners in this path.

All Buddhist schools are schools for correcting and refining character as well as the physical body. The physical body, mind, soul and spirit are meant to become a harmonious unity in every human being. Those who understand this will work intelligently for their own continuous development and guide those around them towards the right direction.

This site does not propose to adopt an academic view as the things that we write about are the result of experiential transmission spread throughout the millennia. Of course everything must be adapted to modern times, and this process has been taking place continuously throughout the history of this school.

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