Important details

  1. The interest of the authors of this site is purely personal. There are no expectations for material benefits and we like to maintain this position. All website costs are out of the authors own expense. We promote events and qi gong courses that we truly believe in, but it is up to the readers to decide for themselves whether those events are relevant or not.
  2. The information in this site is intended for the European students of the Shaolin YiJinJing school, our brothers, on one hand, and other internal martial arts practitioners (European or otherwise) that can enrich their knowledge base, on the other.
  3. The Shaolin YiJinJing school is only found in China. Students from Europe go regularly in China to train.
  4. There is no intention to open a school or even a personalized YiJinJing course in Romania or elsewhere in Europe. We have issued an invitation to our master to visit our country. When this happens we will probably organize a conference on Chinese medicine and Buddhism, which will be a key event.
  5. Even if they wanted, new European students cannot teach the YiJinJing techniques simply because the school does not rely primarily on techniques, they are only secondary instruments needed to progress. The main element is the periodic adjustment that we get from the school master, Shifu Jiang Feng
  6. We doubt that there will ever be more than 20 Romanian students in this school. Recently our master accepted numerous European students as his students. Older European students received the mission to instruct new students in the specific techniques while master is checking the practice progress and tuning the subtle body. We encourage all practitioners of qi gong in their practice and we are here to clarify any questions. We do not want to underestimate anyone, any other way, or any other qi gong instructor, whether they are authentic or have no experience.
  7. We have no intention to educate the reader or to change anyone’s beliefs. We respect the beliefs of those with whom we interact and do not want to get into arguments on the topic whether religious, qi gong – related, yoga – related or otherwise. All of the Romanian students are Orthodox Christians and are not required to convert to any another religion or adopt a different philosophy. In addition, despite what you might think, although our Chinese friends are fellows in our spiritual journey, our country is Romania and will remain as such.
  8. Although we believe in our master, we ourselves sometimes have doubts about the lessons that we receive. We have learned to face this with patience and tolerance. Some doubts still remain but they do not turn into a handicap to our progress.
  9. On the therapies used in our school we can honestly say only that we, as patients, have received the appropriate treatment and it has been very effective. In addition, we have witnessed many treatments and it is true that some of them have not reached the expectations of the treated parties. However, many cases have produced spectacular results. So our view is that medicine, Eastern or Western, is not an exact science. There is always a chance of failure, especially when the patient is uncooperative, even in an involuntary way. In the less successful cases, very often, the patients show a lack of understanding how their bodies work and simply expect miracles, a sponge to wipe clean all of the mistakes that were made in a lifetime.
  10. All of the treatments that are performed directly by Shifu Jiang Feng can only take place in China. Anyone that wants to be diagnosed and treated will have to travel to China. Of course it is much easier for the interested party to join our group which already has experience in these trips.

Please perceive the information in this site as a gift. Use it as you see fit or ignore it if you choose. You are free to discuss everything, even in this site, since we will not moderate comments that have a critical spirit, unless they are offending.