Master Chiheng

Birth Name: unknown
Nationality: Han
Age: 71 years
Buddhist Name:  Chiheng (智恒)

Master Chiheng was born in 1938 into a family of Chinese doctors. He showed interest in traditional Chinese medicine from a very young age and decided to study Chinese herbal medicine.

Unfortunately, he was very displeased with his small height, when he became an adult. No woman wanted to marry him. He soon became tired of society and became a monk. Within the temple he specialized in the research for treating dwarfism. Everything comes to the one who waits. He finally found a good method for treating dwarfism. He not only cured his own disease, but also helped many other people that suffered from the same condition.

Master Chiheng is the first person to have used Yijinjing Qigong to treat dwarfism. The process takes place by emitting qi at the patient in order to open the DU meridian that is located on the back and therefore accelerate the growth potential of the body. Herbal medicine is also used as a compliment to the Qigong treatment. The method can successfully induce an increase of 9-25 cm within 100 days to bring patients to new height level. This is truly amazing. Chiheng Master is the only person in China to have cured dwarfism, through the use of Yijinjing Qigong methods.

After a long period of time and through practical experience he realized that the key point of human bone growth lies in the metabolic balance of three components: protein, fat and sugar. Any imbalance in these three substances will cause a deficiency in growth hormone production by the pituitary gland. Therefore the balance of these three items and the consequent production of the pituitary gland growth hormone has a definite role in the increase in the height of the human skeleton.

The metabolic balance of these three items is improved by stimulating the body through the transmission of Qi into the patient, by Yijinjing Qigong methods. It promotes the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland, which boosts growth and accelerates the growth of the skeleton cartilage. As a result, it will have a general positive influence in the growth of the body.

Yijinjing Qigong is an effective treatment for all cases of dwarfism, regardless of the cause. The cases that can be treated include: dwarfism caused by deficiency of the pituitary gland growth hormone, hyperthyroidism, chromosomal disorders and genetic defects.

Treatment Profile

  • Men: 16-50 years;
  • Women: 14-49 years (pre – menopausal)

Range of increase:

  • 9-25 cm within 3 months depending on individual health.