No. 4 – Innate Wisdom

People all have innate wisdom, which definitely does not come from book learning. Rather, it comes from their own true mind-and-heart, their pure and clear mind-and-heart (what Daoists call “Dao nature” and Buddhists call the bodhi-mind).


Un răspuns la „No. 4 – Innate Wisdom”

  1. So it does not sound like a (health) rule? Be smart, understand this is a translation of some old wisdom knowledge and might sound awkardly. Between the lines we can see there are several rules there:
    – we should trust our innate wisdom since we all have it
    – we should tend our mind and heart as clean as possible to keep and enhance this wisdom
    – we should constantly look for what we have inside, perhaps it is just there but our mind is too noisy to hear and see it
    – sometimes a book is not the best authority. we should no submit so easily to what others say to us (in papers, books, TV)

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