No. 49 – Steam of Qi

The heart belongs to fire; the kidneys belong to water. Heart and kidneys are closely interconnected. Fire has a tendency to sink down; water has a tendency to rise up. When fire and water are evenly balanced, a steam of qi arises within. Each part of the body then moves appropriately and can be fully healthy.

One can tell whether this is the case from examining the tongue. Without water the tongue cannot live, thus the word for “tongue” combined with the three strokes signifying water is the word for “life.” On the tongue one can see each body part’s state of disease—whether light or serious—and even judge the presence of life and death.


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  1. There is a debate that the natural tendency for fire is to raise not to sink. It also seems appropriate for us, therefore we suspect either a typo on the Chinese original or a translation mistake. We will investigate it.

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