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Like in other schools, in our school there are tests from time to time. The first test that beginning disciples are subjected to, is to „electrify”, in which they issue qi or protective wei qi, under the guidance of the master. The method is part of the emission techniques, fa qi.

This first test is very important for the following reasons:

  1. It proves that the pupil has made ​​progress in practice, specifically that he can accumulate and store qi in the dantian. Even if the emission is assisted by the master, in the sense that probably the student cannot achieve it technically, unquestionably the emitted energy is his energy, the result of his personal practice
  2. Gives confidence to the pupil in the school methods.
  3. Motivates the other disciples in their personal practice
  4. Marks a stage of practice, a time when the disciple is ready from a technical point of view to receive new techniques.

Along the way other qi energy emission tests occur, in particular methods that are used to break stones by using qi.

Below we present a second video on the subject which was filmed roughly with a mobile phone on the spot. However we leave it to you to judge the performance of the master. The two disciples that attempt to break the stones are beginners but have practiced  for many years various martial arts. Basically it was a test, not in the true sense of the word, but more like a way to prove the effectiveness of qi emission.

The Master’ s final message was that, once gong fu is obtained  in the arts of the school, the use of such blows in a fight, for example to the head, can produce extremely violent results (namely the brain of the victim will leave through the nostrils). Then, the master said that if someone uses this gong fu to harm, not necessarily so seriously, he will destroy all of his personal achievements, and will be reduced to an ordinary human state (and we fear that being reduced to this state is actually worse than if the student had not come at all to the school).
A further demonstration with a larger stone:
[youtube width=”580″ height=”420″ link=””]

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