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Next group trips to China Xinglin clinic are scheduled at these dates:

  • confirmed: 20-23 February 2014 – 4 days group for patients, after succesful treatment patients are welcome to join the practice group
  • confirmed: 24-26 February 2014 – 3 days group for practice
  • confirmed: 27 February – 02 March 2014 – 4 days group for patients – Patients that return for check-up and are practicing can join the previous practice group.
  • tentative: 03 – 05 March 2014 – 3 days group for patients if the first two groups for patients are fully booked

Groups are limited at 35 persons and will go to Xinglin clinic in Taiping, at north of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan). We meet in Huangshan city where we spend one night before the scheduled date, for instance we meet during February 19 for the group starting on February 20.

On first day at 9:00 we have a transfer bus to go from Huangshan City to Taiping.

General prices for hotels are between 320 RMB and 400 RMB per double room per night. There is a fixed fee of 80RMB for each person to be paid in addition to all costs, to cover the tour agency expenses.


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