Maestrul Jiang Feng ne-a parasit

jf Traim o perioada trista pentru toti cei care l-au cunoscut pe dr. Feng Jiang… Inimaginabilul, un accident nefericit, ne-a surpris pe toti si ne-a lasat coplesiti de durere.

Shifu a fost inmormantat in orasul sau natal, Jixi, de unde va veghea in continuare asupra noastra…

Sarcinile mundane sunt preluate acum de dr. Wu si impreuna cu echipa de medici clinica Xinglin isi va continua activitatea conform programului stabilit atat pentru pacientii afati in tratament cat si pentru pacientii noi.

Iata mai jos situatia povestita de Grady, nu o traduc ca nu stiu cum sa o fac…

I … I genuinely don’t know how to write this down. It is all still so unreal to me, like a horrible dream that I just can’t seem to wake from. I have no way to call everyone here, so I am going to try and type this somehow.

I’m so, so very sorry to be the one to share this news.

On the evening of July the 1st I received a phone call in my hometown in Alabama from Brother Wu in China that our beloved Shifu had passed away early that morning in China.

After the shock & disbelief began to shift into sorrow I quickly booked a plane ticket to China leaving early the next morning and about 24 hours later I was at Shifu’s home in Jixi with Shifu’s relatives and our extended family.

It wasn’t until after I arrived there that I was told in detail what had happened. Shifu, in an effort to save a dying Chinese patient’s life, pushed the qi too hard and deeply injured himself.

Those who were there say that he collapsed and passed away almost instantly, without the chance to speak a single word. The Western doctors are calling it a massive stroke. Brother Wang who was with him says there were tears in his eyes.

I don’t really have the words to describe how things have been here the past few days. I don’t think I’ve shed as many tears in the past thirty years as I have in the scant few days since this happened. Everyone around me is in total shock and devastation. Shifu’s wife & daughters are inconsolable.

There was simply no warning. One moment he was happy and full of life, and the next moment he was gone. By our Western reckoning he would have been only 51 years old this October.

The funeral rites here have taken three days, during which we stayed up at night with the body, and there were multiple intense ceremonies each day. He was finally put laid to rest in his tomb yesterday morning, July the 5th in China, after a huge procession on foot with his coffin through the city.

Hundreds came here from all over China to honor his life and work.

I truly wanted to let all of you know sooner, but out of respect for Shifu’s immediate family’s wishes for privacy I was explicitly prohibited from doing so until today.

Because Shifu left no explicit instructions on the matter of his successor, that topic is being decided by a conference of the uncles and the brothers quite literally as I write this. I will let you all know when I know more.

They have asked me to let everyone know that Shifu’s work will absolutely continue uninterrupted. We will continue to teach our family’s practice, and we will continue to treat the sick and suffering.

I know you all want to know more, but I will ask you all to bear with these days, as I am just not myself. It is going to take some time.

Again, I’m so, so very sorry to have to be the one to share this news.


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  1. Nu-mi vine sa cred asa ceva! Sincere condoleante!

  2. Cei care ajung sa se sacrufice ptr. binele aproapelui, trebuie respectati.

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