Etichetă: toxins

  • No. 62 – Do in Exercising

    Two things to do in exercising: Increase the speed of blood and qi circulation, so the toxins inside the body can come to the surface. Open the body’s pores wide and breathe in deeply, so you absorb the essence and qi of heaven and earth.

  • No. 19 – Food Quality

    People who want to live a healthy life need to make sure that they take enough qi-bringing and qi-transforming foods. Just by doing this you will avoid accumulating lots of toxins in the body. You will also prevent having too much food releasing a roving “empty fire,” which will deplete your inner organs. Plus, this…

  • No. 6 – Purification

    The vast majority of symptoms people develop are signs of their bodies ridding themselves of internal toxins in the process of adjustment and purification, conditions that appear as part of the body’s automatic regulation and balancing process. You should therefore take them as signs of the proper functioning of life and never forcefully get rid…